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About the books

The Observer’s Pocket Series started in 1937 with publication of Observer’s Birds and Observer's Wild Flowers.

The series was published by Frederick Warne and were in print for over 50 years. The Observer's series grew to some 100 titles from Birds to Butterflies to Airplanes to Automobiles to Fossils to Opera, the final title. The books contained a mountain of information and illustrations on the particular hobby or topic. A must for the enthusiast.


Today there are many collectors of these books worldwide – From those who are simply collecting one of each title to all of the 1st editions.Collectors can also seek out all the jacket variations which number around 400 to every published edition which number over 1000. In 1999 The Observer’s book of Observer’s Books was published and is still available today, nearly 200 pages of information about the series. Many individual titles were produced annually or periodically. These include automobiles no 21 and aircraft no 11 or railway locomotives no 23. In 2003 The Observer’s book of the Wayside and Woodland series was issued – these books pre-dated Observers, but are linked and are also collected today.

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