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Membership ONLY £12 per annum, includes four quarterly magazines.

About the society

The Observer's Pocket Series Collectors Society usually known as OPSCS was formed back in the early nineties by a small but growing band of enthusiastic Observer's Books collectors.

 The objective of OPSCS then and still unchanged today is to promote the interest and collecting of Observer's and other related books published by Frederick Warne.  Over 500 Observer's collectors and enthusiasts currently enjoy the benefits of  belonging to our society which has a truly international appeal.  Whilst not surprisingly the vast majority of  the membership resides in the UK, long-standing members are to be found in Australia, New Zealand, N. America, S. Africa and mainland Europe.

For a nominal annual subscription you can also enjoy the benefits provided by our society:-

  • A quarterly magazine containing news, views, information about Observer's and many other topics.

  • Free classified advertisements for members in the magazine.

  • Opportunities to attend regular meetings where Observer's may be bought, sold or exchanged.

  • A chance to participate as a buyer or seller at our informal auctions usually held at each meeting.

  • Opportunities to meet and talk to like minded Observer's collectors

Interested in joining? For more information go to our membership page.

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